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Welcome To THTST

  This is the first high resolution naturally recorded percussion and drums album released in decades and features many styles of music with an extremely wide array of drum and percussion instruments. This album showcases the abilities of Steven R. Rochlin, a longstanding classically-trained musical artist who has earned many city and state medals for his talents over the years and is editor of the popular website

Music is primal. Thousands of years ago man's first foray into music was communicated by banging stones, wood and eventually different types of drums. This album explores many facets of the human instinct, from the Far East to modern times, expressed in a wide variety of percussion instruments and drums.

Each track has a purpose, and that purpose is to take you on a journey of both sound and emotion. We embark on our trip through exotic and mystic lands, then travel to single-instrument technique; eventually finding ourselves in true Kaos of explosive sounds. Each instrument has been carefully chosen to engage both your ears and your mind. Close your eyes and picture yourself as an explorer delving deeper into the primal nature of mankind as you enjoy each track. This disc aims to take you beyond the limits of your daily passage and bring you to a heightened sense of primal being. From the slow and captivating magical sounds to a magnificent barrage that awaits you during the finale. This all-out experience for your senses hopes to ensure your journey is complete. 

Once again welcome to THTST and may your expedition grow and change each time you enjoy this music.


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Music is the expression of emotion via creation

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