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Track List 

Track 1 "A Far Off Land"  ---   We begin our aural trip through exotic lands as the soundscape washes over our soul. The gentle sounds of hand-tuned chimes and nearly larger-than-life gong fill your room with a tapestry of tones. Various bells and chimes slowly join in as the combination of textures washes away stress and tension.

Track 2 "Mystical Himalaya" ---   As we continue our voyage, a shaker marks your moving forward to a new land that holds an abundance of unusual yet captivating colorful cup chimes. Those who have been to the high Himalayas have heard these during their passage through this great and nearly timeless land.

Track 3 "Chiming Crotales"  ---   Once again the gentles chimes mark the beginning, yet this time they are joined by tuned Crotales. These special round metal discs bring pure tone and a centering of ones being.

Track 4 "Cymbal Climaxes"  ---  Like a wave reaching the beach, the aural dance builds to a wonderful and exciting climax. We then move forward and mark the beginning of a more exuberant time.

Track 5 "Octo Hand Play"  ---  You find yourself in the woods as primitive hand-drums sounds fill the air.  You briefly stop and enjoy this wonderfully mesmerizing sound.

Track 6 "Gettin’ Hi With The Hat"  ---  A simple pair of cymbals and sticks dance along what at first seems like a simple instrument heard in virtually all modern music. Ah, there is so much more to be discovered! The excitement builds....

Track 7 "Wood Is Good"  ---  Early humankind discovered that by hitting hollowed-out logs with sticks you could make music. Perhaps you have heard sounds like this as a woodpecker turns a solid tree into their newfound home? Either way, the musical dance ebbs and flows.

Track 8 "Tom, Tom and Tom"  ---  Man eventually added a tightly stretched animal skin over hollowed logs and so the history of drums began. They are joined by other instruments as this concert of sounds comes together.

Track 9 "Big Boom Koto"  ---  In the Far East they too enjoy the sound of the tom. Stand back as the mammoth-sized drum is first tapped on the edge and then builds to an all-out gigantic wave of pulsating deep bass explosions.

Track 10 "Cowbell Beat"  ---  A brief interlude... yet also familiar.

Track 11 "Marching Along"  ---  The familiar sound of the snare drum as men march along. As they get closer, the drums build and are joined by many other instruments.

Track 12  "Jazzy Riff"  ---  Our travels have taken us to a more modern time where the drums all come together with an intricate rhythmic dancing. This dancing then leads to more cymbolic (cymbals and symbolic) waves.

Track 13 "A Jazzy Improv"  ---  The ride cymbal shines as the snare drum skips along producing various normal and click-like sounds. Accents come into play with the bass drum, crash cymbals and more!

Track 14 "Tambourine Beat"  ---  Now our journey takes us to a variety of intricate beats.  Syncopated rhythms enter occasionally and we eventually find ourselves back where we began.

Track 15 "Digging Deep"  ---  Once again we encounter the primal drums. A trio of drums to be exact! The pace quickens and ends with an exciting eruption of sound.

Track 16 "Power Beat"  ---  Ah yes, welcome to the recent past as big drumset sound is all the rage.

Track 17 "Bing Bong Boom"  ---  Time marches forward as we explore a simple melodic rhythm as it develops into....

Track 18 "The Big Solo"  ---  The title says it all. This evokes many facets of history while also showcasing that all-out rock solo sound. Sense the electricity in the air!

Track 19 "Kaos Solo BONUS Track"  ---   With no rhyme and no set rhythm, this is a total cacophony of unrestrained brutal attack! Turn it up and hold on tight!



Music is the expression of emotion via creation

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