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This recording was minimally mic'ed using a simple pair of laboratory-grade Earthworks M30BX microphones. This specific pair was hand selected from a production run after extremely careful analysis by the company owner and are matched to within as close as he could achieve using the measuring gear they have at their facility. It took approximately eight hours of trial-and-error placement in various positions and angles to achieve the best balance of initial attack, tonal characterizes and imaging. The room itself is quite large, with a ten foot high ceiling and acoustically treated with heavy drapes, carpeting on the floor and strategically placed RealTraps acoustic panels.

The recording device, the Tascam HD-P2, captures audio in very high resolution and allows me to provide FLAC files at 24-bit/96kHz. There were no moving parts, other than the microphone's pickup device, as the Tascam records to a solid-state memory card. For XLR microphone cable duties i chose Cardas 2 x 24 M for their known balanced sound and excellent characteristics in tonality and harmonics in this specific application.

During my many years as a critical listener i have felt that using electricity from a wall outlet has compromises. While the power into my home studio is quite clean and have dedicated outlets plus a recording studio quality balanced power device, the choice for using 100% battery power made the most sense. The microphones have their own internal build-in amplification and the Tascam HD-P2 also operates from battery power.

Overall, the goal was to achieve the utmost purity in capturing everything from the extremely delicate and quiet uppermost frequencies of the Treeworks chimes to the nearly woofer destroying high SPL levels of the Tama gong bass drum. Tonal harmonics is of great importance and the accuracy of recording various percussion instruments is a great challenge when using only a simple pair of microphones. Most commercial music releases use a minimum of six microphones on a drumset, with a complete set as captured here probably 'needing' upwards of at least twelve! While no recording is perfect, the sound you hear on this album is amazingly precise and honestly offered to you the listener. The benefits of this recoding technique is stunning imaging, great depth and perfect phasing due to no 'conflicts' of mixing a vast multitude of sound sources and assembling the many signals together.

Thank you for purchasing this album and i very much look forward to hearing from you! If there is enough demand i am open to releasing a follow-up album or two. As this is the very first release, a choice was made to cover a very wide verity of styles. There is so much more this complete percussion and drumset has to offer! Please let me know your favorite tracks and the next album could provide a more narrow selection of styles in a variety of ways. Music is indeed a lifelong journey and i hope THTST is able to transport you to many wonderful aural places. Of course in the end what really matters is that you...

Enjoy the Music,

Steven R. Rochlin



Music is the expression of emotion via creation

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